(Re)Introducing the Mascoteers/IhNohMinecraft mini site.

At long last, the Mascoteers mini site is back online. The Mascoteers mini site was first introduced back in 2016, forming part of my most expensive event display to date (at the Great Western Brick Show). The original version was lost after the main site was hacked. It has since been updated with the option of IhNohMinecraft branding, […]

under Miscellaneous / 21 October 2018

SilentMode on the 2018 LEGO Inside Tour.

2018 has been a very rough year at the SilentMode camp. I was broke for the best part of the year, and I mean “could barely afford to walk to the supermarket” broke, rather than “can’t afford a third UCS Millennium Falcon” broke. At the same time, for the energy and time put into it, […]

under Events / 06 October 2018

Introducing Rille: Part One

If you’ve seen my more recent MOCs and photos, you might have noticed an unfamiliar face. It’s about time I introduced this new figure to the masses, so I put together this story. I wish there was a less time-consuming method of building these comic strip layouts. In any case, have a look and enjoy.

under MOCs / 03 July 2018

Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend 2018 Slideshow

Two weekends after the fact, I finally had the time to put together the following “slideshow” video of this year’s Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend. It was a smaller event this year, with a number of people having to drop out for various reasons. I actually think this was a good thing, as this kind of […]

under Events, Videos / 24 June 2018

SilentMode’s Predictions: First 2018 LEGO Ideas Review

I’m back from last weekend’s third Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend. While I had a great time over in Portugal as usual, I didn’t even get back to the workshop before the crap resumed hitting the fan… But it’s not fatal, and so I’m here with another LEGO Ideas prediction post. Pretend you didn’t see […]

under LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas / 11 June 2018

Pop-Up Book: The Next LEGO Ideas Project.

Coming across my desk just now was the result most of us have been waiting for: the outcome of the Third 2017 LEGO Ideas Review. And just as I called in my prediction post, the Pop-Up Book – a collaborative effort by JKBrickworks and Grant_Davis_ – was chosen out of the seven candidates. Check out […]

under LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas / 31 May 2018

Assisting Farnham Assist – again!

Last weekend I took part in the second annual fundraising event held by Farnham Assist, held at the Aldershot Rugby Club in deepest Surrey. I was honoured to have been invited back, along with other AFOLs who lived closer to the area. Farnham Assist is a local Christian-based charity that supports older people, with the […]

under Events / 14 May 2018

PAB Extra Trial at London Westfield

Earlier this week I got word of a trial taking place at the London Shepherds Bush (Westfield) LEGO retail store. It’s being called PAB Extra, and it’s an attempt to make PAB walls more interesting. As usual, it was left to me to provide more information than the hearsay. I got myself out of hibernation […]

under Miscellaneous / 20 April 2018

Photos from the Brickish Weekend 2018

I was fortunate enough to be a very small part of this year’s annual Brickish Weekend, once again held at the National Space Centre in Leicester. This is my first official event since the end of 2016, and it’s taken a while to get back into the spirit of things. In fact, last week was […]

under Events / 06 March 2018

IhNohMinecraft: Brick-Built Figures.

Introducing IhNohMinecraft: my brand new creation and technique for brick-built figures. It’s in a similar vein to BrickHeadz, Funko Pop, Nintendo’s amiibos and other collectible avatars. The concept was actually inspired by LEGO Dimensions: the idea of having different characters from different universes coming together. The selection was determined by whom I’d like to see most […]

under MOCs / 02 March 2018