SilentMode’s Predictions: First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review

Thanks to @LegoCreativity over on Twitter, I’ve been informed that the candidates for the First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review have been announced. You can find out which projects had made the cut by checking out the official blog post. My preferred choices… A huge shout out to SpaceySmoke, whose Sega Classic Arcade Machines project finally reached 10,000 supporters, […]

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UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: April 2017

Rejoice, for it’s the end of April and time for another edition of UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas. I’ve lost count of how many months I’ve been writing these posts, but it’s fulfilling. UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas – for those who don’t know – is my effort to help promote some lesser-known LEGO Ideas projects. All of the projects […]

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Current State of Affairs.

As I’ve probably mentioned before: my 2017 has started in a tumultuous fashion. Emotions have been running wild, and a few not-so-great things have happened as a result. However, things are finally starting to recover. Fund-raising event in Surrey. For the benefit of those who didn’t listen: I had pledged not to participate in any events […]

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UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: March 2017

It’s that time of the month again… UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas is here! It’s more of the same, as we try to promote some deserving LEGO Ideas projects. Preamble I’ve finally given up on Fakebook and deactivated my account, although I’m still using its messenger. I’ve wanted to leave for a while, with the only thing keeping me there being […]

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Nimuno Loops: The Toy Block Tape

One of the most annoying things about crowdfunding campaigns is that I don’t hear about them until it’s too late to make a difference. Nimuno Loops is one such project. In fact, by the time I heard about it, it was on the verge of breaking USD 1,000,000. With 21 days left (at the time of writing), it’s […]

under Crowdfunding / 21 March 2017

Ideas and Execution.

Though I’ve put on a brave face over the last few months, I was initially very bothered with the official BrickHeadz series. BrickHeadz came in the wake of my Mascoteers series, which I’d spent the best part of 2016 showcasing and promoting. BrickHeadz were launched around a month ago, and the online LEGO community has been lapping them up since. […]

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Women Of NASA: The Next LEGO Ideas Set.

The LEGO Ideas world was rocked once again, as the results of the Second 2016 Review were finally revealed on Tuesday. I’d actually completely missed the announcement, and had to be alerted over social media. It turns out that the Women Of NASA project by @20tauri is going to be the next LEGO Ideas set, having […]

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UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas: February 2017

I’m back, I’m on time (for once), and I’m here to introduce the February 2017 edition of UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas. It might not be the first column on the web to help promote LEGO Ideas projects, but it’s one of the more consistent. If you’re unfamiliar with UNDERATED: I feature a selection of LEGO Ideas projects […]

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UNDERATED for LEGO Ideas: January 2017

Welcome to another edition of UNDERATED For LEGO Ideas, the January 2017 edition! Although this post is once again late, all the featured projects had landed on LEGO Ideas in January. Preamble The great news is that UNDERATED has started to gain traction. Some of you have reached out to mention that you like the […]

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SilentMode’s Predictions: Third 2016 LEGO Ideas Review

Here’s me thinking that the Second 2016 Review would be the last for 2016. Just last night I caught wind of a new weblog post on LEGO Ideas, stating that another 12 projects were in contention for their Third 2016 Review. It’s time once again for me to give my predictions, so here they are. Potential […]

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