Monochrome Figures on LEGO CUUSOO

My man steelwoolghandi over on BrickLink created this project on LEGO CUUSOO: a proposed pack of monochrome minifigures. For those who don’t know: monochrome minifigures are figures built using parts of all the same colour.

Although I’m not into the recent craze of making/collecting monochrome minifigures, I think it’s an awesome idea because of the way the figures look, and I can certainly see the appeal. What shocks me is how few supporters there are: only 47 of them (at the time of writing) after a couple of days. Right now this is definitely one of the many CUUSOO injustices in my book.

This is definitely a project worth getting behind, not least because – if you’re a “monofig” collector – you know how expensive and rare some of the parts are.