New CUUSOO Project – Graduates and Gorillas: the game

Yesterday I added one of my latest MOCs, Graduates and Gorillas: the game, to LEGO CUUSOO as a project. This is actually one of my exhibits that will be displayed at this year’s The LEGO Show in Manchester.

Graduates and Gorillas is an original concept I came up with last year, having taken plenty of heat for my liking of S3 Gorilla Suit Guys (I have an army of over 100 of them). Unlike many of the S2 Spartan collectors, who amassed large armies of them just to stare at, I wanted to do something with my purchases. This game is part of that concept, and was designed to be quick and enjoyable to play.

For more information on the project visit the page on LEGO CUUSOO – and I really hope you’ll support it, because I think it kicks ass. At the time of writing I’m 9,995 supporters short!

In the meantime, here’s a YouTube video of me creating some box art for this game. This is around two hours of footage sped up to less than five minutes.