The Beginning…

Hello, and welcome to! I wish I had a more dazzling intro after all the work that’s gone into the site.
(Actually I’d written a whole intro about what this site’s about, but WordPress ate it.)

You may be wondering why I’ve set up my own LEGO-related web site, seeing that there are already so many popular and established (some would even add “way better”, even though this one’s just gotten started!) LEGO-related sites on the Web.

I’m not here to steal anyone’s thunder, nor am I here for any kind of prestige or image. I’m here because I wanted to do things a little differently: I’m just a regular AFOL, although I’d class myself as an outsider. I get my LEGO news from the same place as anyone else; I don’t have any deep connections or affiliations at LEGO or anywhere else, and I don’t get any kickbacks/sponsorship/endorsement. I’m also not part of a clique.
At the same time, a very good reason for starting my own weblog/site is that my tastes in LEGO and MOC building are very different from what’s popular. I’m more of an ideas person, and lean towards minimalist styles, rather than aesthetics and creations with thousands of small pieces that most other people drool over. In addition I tend to be opinionated, and sometimes very vocal about liking or disliking something (on the web, at least).

I have no idea where (or how far) this site’s going to go, but – as I always like to say – let’s see what happens.