SilentMode has landed

After a rather eventful, sleepless morning, I’m posting live from my hotel in Manchester, in anticipation of this year’s AFOLcon / The LEGO Show. Unfortunately I’m not nearly as close to the venue as I’d like, as the budget meant I had to book a less expensive room – no penthouses for me this year.

If you’re going to be at either AFOLcon or The LEGO Show this year, look out for a particularly dark dude making a fool out of himself. If you still have trouble finding him, he’s going to be wearing a black hoodie with a homemade patch on the front. With one of those AFOL badges too. Oh, and he has some promotional cards. Anyway, that’s the guy behind this site.

I’m actually nervous about setting up tomorrow, as well as the rest of the event, but I’m certain it’s going to be another good year. I will do my utmost not to screw up.