Futra CS Concept car on CUUSOO


One of the MOCs on display at this year’s LEGO Show in Manchester is this beauty: the Futura CS Concept car. Admittedly it’s gone over my head until now, but I’ve appreciated it a heck of a lot more having seen it up close and personal.

There’s a lot more to this model than just the aesthetics. Among other things, it was designed with engineering in mind from the ground up, and is a peek into what could be the future of transport. How cool would it be to be able to actually drive one of these things?

Anyway, at the time of writing this project has close to 300 supporters, which is decent but makes it very underrated. I’d urge you to show your support, tell your friends to support it, and have them tell their friends to support it – whether you have one or a thousand of them.