Underrated CUUSOO: May 2012

When most other people compile lists of LEGO CUUSOO projects to support, it’s pretty obvious they’ve just skimmed the top of the most popular list. SilentMode don’t play that.
Instead, as part of my goal to showcase underrated MOCs and builders, I’m going to highlight some of the projects I’m actually supporting on CUUSOO that don’t have thousands of supporters. If I get behind a CUUSOO project it means I think it’s an actually good idea, not because I have something to ride!

Futra CS Concept car by erthandfiya
I’ve already featured this project, but I’m going to do it again because I think it’s a great idea, and not enough people are supporting it right now! It currently stands at 242 supporters – that’s BS.

Minifig skirt byFugazi
One could argue that female minifigures already have a world of accessories to be customised with, but why not have a skirt piece? It would be a lot handier and easier to apply than the cloth/paper solutions we have now, and these pieces don’t just have to be for females. Currently at 47 supporters.

Monochrome Boxed Set by steelwoolG
Another one I’ve already featured, but even after my little push it only has 95 supporters. Folks, it is possible to support more than one project – don’t let anybody convince you otherwise.

Solar System Worlds by RolfRedford
With the first two series of the Star Wars planets set came a new orb part. Why not have one with an Earth design? I reckon it would take space-related MOCs to a whole new level, but at the very least would be a neat addition to anyone’s collection. The size of the planets in the solar system are irrelevant at the moment; let’s just get this project accepted. Currently standing at a measly 16 supporters.

Villa Savoye by KingArthur
I like my European architecture, and this is definitely an Architecture set I’d go out and buy multiples of – maybe even for one to build! I think this model was very well put together, and I like the inclusion of a minifigure trophy to show the scale. At the moment it’s faring better than most, at 149 supporters.

New Plates and Tiles for Corners by Spiderpudel
Okay, so this is more of a petition for new parts than a set design, but Spiderpudel had stated it was more about submitting the idea to LEGO. Besides, there have been many instances where the existence of these parts would have made my life a lot easier, and I’m sure it’s the same for many MOCers. Currently there are 109 supporters.

Black Bucket by Kohei
Something I personally wanted to see in LEGO stores is the ability to buy a whole bunch of 1x and 2x wide bricks in certain colours, just like LEGO’s own boxes of bricks – but right now I’m at the mercy of whatever’s at a PAB wall, and even then my ability to fill a cup with as many of them as possible. With buildings I like to work with white, black, greys and browns/tans, but unfortunately 1x bricks are most common in other colours. Anyway, this project isn’t doing so badly at 235 supporters.

Case Study House #22 (House Stahl) by nGFX
It would be a lot better if this model was actually built, instead of renders being shown, but I really like the design of the house. Even if you don’t, this set could potentially be a wealthy source of spare parts. Right now this project has just 24 supporters.

Do you know of any other underrated LEGO CUUSOO projects? Hit me up.