New LEGO store opening in Manchester

I learned completely by accident yesterday that there’s going to be a new LEGO store opening in Manchester at some point. No, I’m not just repeating the title: even though Manchester is home to the Merlin-owned Discovery Centre, the new store will be located in Arndale(?), which is roughly 40 miles away. SilentMode will be there for the grand opening, whenever it is, and I hope they get a decent selection on their Pick-A-Brick wall.

There are also rumours of yet another store opening, later this year perhaps, although there’s no information. Some people are hoping for another store in the north; I personally wouldn’t mind another in or around London, preferably somewhere like Ealing or Harrow.

To date I’ve been to all of the LEGO stores in the UK, except for Cardiff and the one in LEGOLand Windsor. Despite the very similar walls at times they all have strengths.