Mini Shop Series on LEGO CUUSOO

I usually like to keep my focus on underrated projects, but Pekko on the LEGO CUUSOO site has come up with a solid – and as it turns out, very popular – City-based project in the form of their Mini Shop series. His idea is to have several miniature shops based on famous high-street brands, which all fit on an 8×16 baseplate and come with at least one staff member and one customer minifigure.

I’m particularly surprised (and thrilled at the same time) that this project has gotten so much support already, because I think it’s about time us City fans were truly represented. I’m tired of seeing all the fanboyism around licences that, given LEGO’s stance on the recent rejections, aren’t likely to ever be made.

My only thought on this project is the use of famous brands as shops: I personally wouldn’t want a McDonald’s or a Starbucks in my town layout, instead favouring something similar but not a name brand. I can understand the appeal it has to others, however, and it could also work in the brands’ favour. Imagine McDonald’s giving away one of these sets with an “extra value” meal – that would be the sole reason to buy anything from them. Not to mention, localised varieties of mini shops for different countries could emerge (similarly to the World City range of planes).

City fans stand up. Show your support for this project, because 1000 supporters (currently at 413) will reveal a design for a Dunkin’ Donuts shop.