Controversial MOCs

Occasionally we at the SilentMode dungeons get a little too carried away with ideas and things, especially when it comes to MOCs. Although we believe in “doing our thing” and expressing ourselves and creativity, we have to remember that LEGO is a brand targeted towards kids, and we can’t be corrupting them. Why do that, when they already have manufactured pop, increasing social pressure and ever-loosening watershed restrictions to contend with?

But basically I’m going to be making efforts to prevent some of my riskier content, namely custom figures and ideas that kids probably won’t be ready for, from being so widely available. I’ve already done so on Flickr, where my more controversial items have been moved to a new set and marked as restricted.
Once (and if!) my library of MOCs and other creations are launched on, I’ll be sure to take similar precautions.

If you’re wondering, this is in light of a couple of custom figures I’d made, that some people may not agree with. Old-fashioned ones, with bunny ears. 🙂

Sometimes A lot of times I go a bit too far with the things I create, but I’m not here to ruin the LEGO experience for anybody. For me, it’s not about hiding behind an image, but not inviting any more unnecessary adversity.