SilentMode’s Best and Worst of the Collectible Minifigures

With news of the rumoured list of figures lines up for Series 8, I thought I’d get something I’ve been meaning to do out of the way: an “official” list of my most favourite (best) and least favourite (worst) figures in LEGO’s Collectible Minifigure series to date. This will eventually be a page of its own when I get around to redesigning this weblog.

Leaving S8 out until I see actual pictures (and preferably the figures themselves), here’s my rundown of the “best” and “worst” figures in each series.

Series 1 (yellow)

Most favourite: Cheerleader
Least favourite: Deep Sea Diver
Everything about the Cheerleader, from the facial expression to the outfit and pom-poms, spells “youth” – and because I’ve collected a whole bunch of Cheerleaders (or at least, their parts) I’ve been calling for an alternate version to be released since S5, which, if the rumours are to be believed, will be happening in S8.
The Deep Sea Diver is easily the least desirable for me personally, simply because it’s potentially less useful than another potential candidate, the Crash Test Dummy. I also have virtually no use whatsoever for those very finicky flippers.

Series 2 (blue)

Most favourite: Pop Star
Least favourite: Ringmaster
While almost everybody was going nuts over the Spartan like a dodgy KaZaa download (of which some people managed to amass 300+ just to stare at – I mean Spartans, not dodgy downloads), I’d had plenty of room for me to clean up on the Pop Star. We hadn’t seen a minifigure with so much pink since Paradisa (or so I think), and let’s not forget the two mics that came with her at the time.
The Ringmaster, I think we can agree, was the most annoying of all this series’ figures. One or two of them were nice to have, but it was all too easy to obtain a small army of them – especially since many places that sold these figures didn’t allow for picking and choosing. I’d used one in a piano MOC once, but other than that I had no use for them whatsoever.

Series 3 (green)

Most favourite: Gorilla Suit Guy
Least favourite: Racing Car Driver
I took some heat for suggesting that the Gorilla Suit Guy was going to be as popular as S1’s Zombie, or S2’s Spartan. However, this began a trend (on Eurobricks at least) of people initially running their mouths before a series came out, and all of a sudden not wanting to sell or trade as soon as it did. Anyway, the thing that drew me to the Gorilla Suit Guy was its unusual headpiece; it was unlike any minifigure that came out before, outside of Star Wars. And as some of you know, I have a small army of these babies.
As for the Racing Car Driver… that’s the joke. But seriously: as well as suffering from being far too common in this series, the only potentially useful part this figure comes with is the hairpiece. Otherwise, this figure is completely useless to me.

Series 4 (orange)

Most favourite: Artist
Least favourite: Soccer Player
At the time S4 was by far the best series to come out, with so many great figures and at least three or four candidates for the “best” figure. While the Hazard Suit Guy was also a popular favourite, my vote had to go to the Artist, with its lethal combination of goatee-decorated head, beret, palette and paintbrush. The Skater Dude in this series was also a favourite.
My initial choice for my least favourite was the Werewolf, but unlike the Soccer Player it would make a good army figure as is. The Soccer Player’s only saving grace was its silver trophy, and is otherwise horribly let down by its stubble-bearded head.

Series 5 (azure)

Most favourite: Graduate
Least favourite: Egyptian Woman
Unlike S4 the choice was easy: the Graduate was by far the coolest figure in the series, and one that made a fitting candidate as an army builder. It also served as the inspiration for my Graduates and Gorillas concept.
There were many undesirable figures in this series, but probably the least useful would be the Egyptian Queen. Although her commonality wasn’t as bad as some of the other least favourites, the figure would have very limited use, even when parted out. Besides, anything that comes with that snake has got to be bad.

Series 6 (grey/white)

[tied] Most favourite: Classic Alien and Sleepyhead
Least favourite: Minotaur
The Sleepyhead figure is a must for City fans, and is one of the best executed figures in the entire line-up – I just hope we get a female equivalent at some point. The Classic Alien was another of those figures I’d called from the beginning, yet people hated on and are now making armies of (sadly I only have 18 at the moment).
The Minotaur was simply ass in my book; while I appreciate they might have been appealing to collectors of historical and mythological figures, and maybe tried to get one over on BrickWarriors’ Minotaur head, it just didn’t work for me. Thankfully they were easy to avoid when feeling bags.

Series 7 (red)

Most favourite: Computer Programmer
Least favourite: Daredevil
S7 came along, and in my book it’s tied with S4 as the best series so far. While I’m disappointed with the plainness of the Bunny Suit Guy (which I was excited about and still collect), and the “Grandma Visitor” is also a hot collectible, I have to give it up for the Computer Programmer: a tribute to people who actually do something in today’s world. Let’s face it, though: he’s obviously a geek or a nerd. (I wear the “nerd” label proudly.)
On the flip side, the Daredevil isn’t a bad figure, but I’m put off by the current trend for 60s/70s throwbacks, both in the media and society in general. That’s not to say that a more modern interpretation wouldn’t be just as bad. Either way, this is one to have for a full set and no more.

On my radar for S8 – assuming the list is accurate – is obviously the new Cheerleader (and remember, I called it first so I get dibs), but I am intrigued by the “enemy robot”, “evil female alien”, “fairy” (another one I’d wanted to see) and a number of others. I can tell I’d have no interest whatsoever in the “conquistador”.

Which one will be the fan favourite this time? Which one will be my most and least favourite? S8 will be touching down in September.