CATAWOL Records Studio One now on CUUSOO

After thinking about it long and hard, I finally decided to put this project up to see how it would fare. Right now I’m expecting it to garner much more support than my previous two projects, the modular building and Graduates and Gorillas: the game, but even with my efforts to gain exposure I would be very surprised if I reach over 100 – no doubt I’ll have my share of people making excuses for not supporting.

Just remember that this is probably not going to be the exact model that LEGO would put out if it actually does reach 10,000 supporters. Look at how much the Minecraft idea changed from its original photo. It would be very interesting to see how they’d update and change the design, though.

Anyway, I would appreciate your support and exposure for this project, so if you have a couple of minutes visit the project’s page and let me know what you think.