Underrated CUUSOO – July 2012

Welcome to another edition of Underrated CUUSOO, only on SilentMode.tv, because – let’s face it – if anyone else is doing any kind of promotion for projects with less than 500 supporters, I haven’t heard of it.

As a champion of ideas over aesthetics, and since this is going to be a regular if infrequent feature, it’s time to set some ground rules:

  • Featured projects must have under 500 supporters (and therefore not prominently featured on the LEGO CUUSOO site);
  • I must be a supporter of the project (i.e. think it’s a good enough concept to be made into a set).

Collectible Racing Cars by Templehill4
While the picture is probably as basic as it gets, the concept could actually work: imagine a collectible series of cars, akin to the Collectible Minifigures. The inspiration behind this was to bring back “pocket money” sets (remember those really small sets that came in roughly 5 x 5 x 3 cm boxes?), I suppose along with the seasonal polybags. Vehicle pieces could be reused, and new colour variants of certain parts could be released, but most importantly we’d have a swooshable vehicle right out of the box – ready for your own choice of figure to put in it. Mix and match parts to create your own vehicles! Well now I’m really trying to sell this, and at only 2 supporters, it will require all the help it can get.
HOWEVER, as LEGO would only produce a single set, I’m not sure how this would pan out.

EV HIRIKO Concept by Hidaka
While this is far more detailed than a typical City car, I like the concept. This is based on a Japanese concept car dubbed “HIRIKO”, which is a car meant to run on clean fuel, and apparently folds to take up less parking space. Although Hidaka mentions he couldn’t get the shape of the car right, provided the build is stable I think it looks fine as it is, and a great usage of existing parts. This currently stands at 85 supporters.

Bigfoot truck by dan83
This is actually part of a set of three vehicles – each of them cool in their own right – but only one of them can be made into an official set. They look like something out of the Racers theme but far more stylish, and the Bigfoot truck looks very well built: it looks swooshable but not likely to shatter into a million pieces. Regardless of what you think of the use of mummy torsos on two of the drivers, this project has 21 supporters at the moment.

MEGADETH by megzter
I have no affinity towards the band or even the genre of music whatsoever, but I get the feeling that this is dying to be made into an actual set. And why not? This would be a great collectors item for fans of the band, and it doesn’t even appear that the band knows about this project – because there are only 180 supporters right now. Then again, LEGO’s targeting of kids has evidently put the brakes on support (going by the naysayer comments).

Art Deco Post Office by lightning51
My man lightning51 (aka lightningtiger on Eurobricks) has no less than 25 projects on LEGO CUUSOO. The one I’m choosing for Underrated CUUSOO is this model of a post office. It’s not as big as the modular buildings, but its size (and resulting price) would make it appealing – perhaps even leading to smaller (16×16) versions of modular buildings, which would suit a small town. This building has 16 supporters right now; go check out his other ones.

Logan Center for the Arts by fallentomato
I guess I’m biased towards microscale buildings, but check out the variety of pieces and techniques used in this model. If you don’t like the look of the building, you could always use the parts for something else. I, like the first comment on this project, think this would be a great addition to the Architecture line. But right now, there are only 7 supporters.

Jurassic Park / Dino – Raptor Pen by richo
This project is kinda riding off a licence, like so many popular projects have been since Minecra..ft became successful, but it’s a smart strategy because it could just as easily be applied to the Dino theme. This model is so well built it almost makes me want to fill it with dinosaurs – but I’d probably flip the script and keep farm animals inside. Maybe even cheerleaders. Anyway, this project currently has 65 supporters, which is not nearly enough.

That’s all for now. Show me your underrated projects, and I may feature them right here on SilentMode.tv.