My project actually DID get a mention!

Here I’ve been, getting all hot-headed about my lack of supporters with my most recent LEGO CUUSOO project (I’ve posted the link enough times!), and after doing a little digging around last night I actually did find someone recommending it.

There’s a post over on the site called GlenBricker’s Review that has the model (with its old photo) as one of their featured models. GlenBricker does a very similar thing with CUUSOO projects that I’ve been doing here, except in far more detail and more frequently, as well as covering a larger spectrum of projects. He also appears to be more open-minded!

Honestly, it’s these moments when I feel like I’ve been an [expletive]. It should be noted, however, that there are still only 16 supporters for the project right now – and I’m doing everything I know of to increase that number.

Thanks go out to GlenBricker for mentioning the project, the coverage is greatly appreciated.