WINNER of the Battle of the Acts

Thank you to everybody who voted in the Battle of the Acts poll that had been running, to determine which musical act would appear as the official minifigures for my LEGO CUUSOO project, CATAWOL Records Studio One. (I’m going to keep posting that link until I reach 10,000 support, dammit.) While there weren’t nearly as many participants as there would be if this was some other site, I greatly appreciate that people took part.

With literally one vote between each of the medallists, it’s finally time to announce the runners-up and the winners.

Third place

Studio One Battle of the Acts
Bryknii (with manager, security guards and crazed fangirl)



Second place

Studio One Battle of the Acts
Katie Knight (with CyberSnake)



And the winner…

Studio One Battle of the Acts
High School Dropout

And here’s the spread for anyone who is interested.

[poll id=”2″]

Thanks once again for your votes, and congratulations to High School Dropout who will be the official minifigures of CATAWOL Records Studio One. Awesome!