Do You Want To Play As The GORILLAs?

I’ve been working almost solidly on Graduates and Gorillas: the game for the last few weeks, so much so that I’ve literally lost track of time and space. I’ve also become a bit of a hermit, so I think it’s about time I returned to my day job! But that’s how badly I want this project to succeed. We’re up to 33 supporters at the time of writing; if you haven’t already please visit the above link and support the project.

Anyhow, the question of the moment is:

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I’ll be honest: I really don’t want to add this feature to the game, because it’s going to be an absolute nightmare. (Not so long ago there was a nasty glitch where the game froze if a GORILLA couldn’t be moved.) However, If it will actually help me break 100 supporters, I will do it.

By the way: I’ve started a Facebook page for the Graduates and Gorillas concept, thanks to a suggestion that was made yesterday. Visit that page too, and “like” if you actually like the game, the concept or anything about it.