Manchester Grand Opening Minifigures

If for some reason you missed out at the grand opening at the relatively new LEGO store in Manchester, here are the minifigures from today’s giveaway:

My guess is that they’re meant to represent Oasis or Beady Eye: Oasis probably being the most famous musical act to come out of Manchester (just as the Beatles were in Liverpool), and Beady Eye following the brothers’ parting. They’re generally disappointing, mostly because the majority of parts can be found in Build-A-Mini stations, and it almost made the trip to Manchester and the resulting expenses less worthwhile. However, I have them.

Saturday’s giveaway – for the first time in the UK – was the LEGO Brand Retail Store set, followed by kid-sized t-shirts. Word is that a lot of nonFOLs headed straight to feeBay to cash in on the Retail Stores, as they typically do. I was fortunate to get one in a trade, so I didn’t bother getting to the store for the Saturday, nor did I bother with the t-shirt.

I won’t be able to make the Sheffield grand opening, which seems to be incredibly popular with AFOLs, but I will be taking part in the AFOL shopping hour on Saturday.