Updated Verdict on Series 8 Minifigures

Over here in the UK, Series 8 of the Collectible Minifigures was released after yet another agonising wait. I was unable to get hold of my customary two boxes, so I bought a number of them over the weekend and then placed a large order with Tesco Direct for the rest.

I finally managed to complete my collection today, and here’s my first part of the Tesco Direct order…

First part of Tesco Direct order

You can have a look at my pictures of each figure individually by checking out the dedicated Flickr set, but here are my thoughts:

  • Best figure in the series – for me – is a tie between the Businessman and the Red Cheerleader.
  • Honourable mentions go to the Actor/Thespian, the Vampire Bat and the Conquistador for being better figures than I’d expected. What a difference it makes having the figures in your hand, compared to staring at pictures.
  • My new least favourite (or if you like, worst) figure in the series is the Pirate Captain.

Let me know what your opinions of Series 8 are!