No-IP CUUSOO Projects

GlenBricker, who does a good job at analysing the current goings-on over at LEGO CUUSOO (who seem to hate me), made a suggestion in a recent weblog post: the use of a “No IP” tag in CUUSOO projects to identify those original, grassroots projects that struggle to get any exposure.

I’ve pretty much lost hope for my own projects, simply because I’ve had a 2-3% support rate for each of them and it’s obvious I’m being completely ignored. I do think the tagging thing is a good idea, however, and I’ve updated the tags on my projects to reflect the suggestions made.

I would encourage people to make use of this suggestion by keeping an eye on the search results for non-IP CUUSOO projects. In my opinion, these kinds of projects are what LEGO CUUSOO was meant to be about.