Richard Cheese Says It Best

Richard Cheese’s latest page post on Facebook reads as follows:

Dear Fans:

We’re an independent band. We do not have a major record label funding us, and we don’t have any sponsors or endorsements.

Also, we don’t earn any revenue from songwriting; in fact, we pay out 10% of our income just to pay royalties to the original artists for every song on every CD we sell.

SO, the only way we can afford to keep making music for you is if you BUY our CDs. You can purchase CDs or download albums from, those sales directly support our band.

Let me reveal some startling facts:

Our most recent CDs, “Live At The Royal Wedding” and “A Lounge Supreme” have each sold fewer than 1,250 copies, and that includes downloads and CDs. Our new “Back In Black Tie” CD has sold fewer than 950 copies.

Only 950 “Back In Black Tie” CDs sold … and yet we have 95,000 FaceBook fans. That means that fewer than 1 in 100 of you have purchased our CDs.

If you have enjoyed our songs and CDs and concerts, please show your loyalty and support by paying for our hard work, so we can continue to make music for our fans.

If you have bought our music, thank you very much. Now, let me also ask you to please tell all your friends about our band, and help us increase our audience. Of the 7,000,000,000 people on the planet, only about 30,000 of them have ever bought even one of our CDs. That’s just 1 in every 233,000 people.

I’m doing all I can to publicize our band and promote our CDs, but I need your help, too.

The only reason why we perform and record and tour is for YOU, our fans. Please spread the word and help support Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine.

Thank you.


Right now there are thousands of projects on LEGO CUUSOO: many of them based on entirely original content, and many of these being completely ignored by the people behind LEGO CUUSOO as well as real FOLs and people who just call themselves as such.

I’m not even going to ask you to support my projects any more, because it’s been several months and it’s obvious that they won’t reach 100 let alone 10,000 supporters. Thousands of people have seen my projects, and only 2-3% of them have supported them. I am, however, appealing for people to get off their a**es.

I’m sick and tired of hearing and seeing people say things such as

this deserves more supporters

when these same people do absolutely nothing to help spread the word about an original concept. They will queue up outside of an Apple store for the latest fad, though, and they’ll endlessly talk about the newest Minecrap or Star Wars project, going as far as to post them on Reddit or whatever.

And now some people are saying that LEGO CUUSOO is dying, since there aren’t as many people supporting projects compared to a few months ago. These same people – supposed FOLs – who turned an avenue for having ideas realised by LEGO into a popularity contest.

I am not telling anyone to go and support something they wouldn’t go out and buy. I am saying we should be helping the projects we are supporting to reach 10,000 supporters.
Quite frankly it’s the non-IP stuff that could use the viral promotion that Star Wars and other licences automatically get, and there are a lot of project owners who could really use the help in reaching that lofty goal. Even something as simple as a tweet or retweet can help.