We’re Back!

Welcome to the brand new version of SilentMode.tv, and I can only hope it’s displaying correctly in your browser.

I’ve spent the last couple of months completely doing the site over, and it’s been incredibly hard work. The old site was powered using a framework I’d been working on for several years, which worked fine when it was just reviews, but WordPress was required for the news section.

After a period of indecisiveness and resistance, I eventually decided to power the entire site using WordPress. That meant the home page, the news section and the most important part, the reviews. WordPress had a steep learning curve, but somehow I was able to add my own reviews section – and a few other useful bits – to the site.

The site still isn’t 100% complete yet, as there are a few more things left to be added – but from here on in my other projects, including Project Swapfig, take priority. Things left to add to SilentMode.tv include:

  • a “cast” page, with all the various characters that have popped up;
  • hindsight sections for each review;
  • an updated list of definitions (the rollover for things such as MOCs);
  • a gallery of MOCs I’ve designed and built;
  • featured MOCs on the home page.

If there’s anything you think the site is missing, or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.