Happy New Year 2013


Just wanted to wish people a Happy New Year for 2013, much like most people have except I’ve waited until all the hype has died down and all those frivolous “resolutions” have been long forgotten.

2012 wasn’t a great year for myself, despite exhibiting at my second AFOLcon, taking part in my first few AFOL shopping hours, and a “pick and mix” box thing over on Brickset. However 2012 is significant because SilentMode.tv was born (literally weeks before last year’s AFOLcon), and I finally got around to joining the Brickish Association.
There are quite a few things I want to accomplish LEGO-wise in 2013, including my recently started 365 project over on Flickr, and a working beta of Project Swapfig. I’m also hoping to be at this year’s AFOLcon (if it’s going ahead) and STEAM. My personal circumstances are very different to this time last year, so we will see what happens.

I want to give some belated shout outs: to Rich of Brick Fanatics for being kind enough to feature the Graduates and Gorillas: the game CUUSOO project, GlenBricker for mentioning the CATAWOL Records Studio One project, and Dave from Brick RSS for adding SilentMode.tv to the feed (which means I’m now going to have to watch my mouth!).

And thank you to everybody who visits this site. It’s tiny compared to many of the other sites, but as long as I get at least one visitor per day, I will keep at it.