10,000 Strong for the Exo Suit

I shouldn’t be up at 4am, but I’ve just found out through Twitter that the Exo Suit project on LEGO CUUSOO has become the latest project to achieve the coveted 10,000 supporters.


The Exo Suit was built by the notorious Peter Reid, whom I’ve met a couple of times and is very well-known in the world of LEGO. This project was cited to be his most popular on Flickr, and was featured in The LEGO Book (going off of information I read on The Brick Fan). It should then come as no surprise that the project finally reached the milestone, even though it took just under a year.

I remember Pete mentioning that he wanted Mark Stafford to have a hand in designing the final model if the Exo Suit passed the review stage. Even though I probably didn’t support the project (it didn’t need my support!), I hope for Pete’s sake ^_^* that it does. So far it’s going up against the incredibly popular Space Troopers (née Marines) and the controversial Purdue Pete projects in the review following the next.

All that’s left to say for now is congratulations!