Nearing the End of Argos’ BFF Rewards Promotion

You may know about Argos’ LEGO Friends promotion, where you collect four stickers in a book and send them back to Argos, after which they’ll give you one of a choice of two gifts. That promotion is coming to an end on the 31st January, so if you have any remaining stickers read further…

Probably the most important thing to note is that the tumbler is no longer available – Argos is using that “unforeseen demand” excuse as many retailers often do. Your only option is now the shoulder bag, and they’re even having problems meeting the demand for those:

Due to unforeseen demand, the LEGO Friends Tumbler and Pouch reward is now out of stock. All eligible applicants for the LEGO Friends reward scheme will now receive the LEGO Friends Shoulder Bag instead. We are experiencing some delays in dispatching the Shoulder Bag due to the high volume of redemptions, however we expect that all remaining customers currently awaiting their Shoulder Bag will receive it in July 2012.

Argos BFF Rewards web site

I don’t know about you guys, but this year-long promotion has been a sham; every store I’ve been to has made obtaining the book to put the stickers in near impossible, almost as if they had no idea about the promotion. None of the stores gave me one when purchasing qualifying Friends sets, and it looks as if none have them available now. How on earth so many people were able to claim things I have no idea.

However I have been informed that they will accept the stickers attached to a sheet of paper, with the following details:

  • Your telephone number
  • Your postage address
  • A signature to confirm you’re over 18

and the address to post the stickers to is:

LEGO BFF Argos Reward Scheme
SY21 7ZA

If you really want the tumbler offered in the promotion, the very same one was in LEGO branded stores a while ago, but without the pouch. I think it was GBP 4.99 or around that price.

While I was able to get one of each gift a while back, and I have two sets of stickers to redeem, my suggestion is: support retailers with their stuff together and buy your LEGO elsewhere, unless you see an incredibly good deal.