No The LEGO Show 2013…

Time for some unfortunate news… The official word is that there won’t be a The LEGO Show this year… but there will be an AFOLcon later this year, perhaps in the autumn. Another shout out to Rich of Brick Fanatics for the information this morning; you can find more details on their news page.

As you guys probably know, these events are the ones I look forward to, and I get more hyper as the dates draw closer. I’m also sad about the news, particularly as I like the trip up to Manchester and the whole experience of exhibiting and [whenever I’m courageous enough] meeting like-minded people.

At the same time, it’s probably not such a bad thing; there will be other events, such as the Northern Modelling Exhibition at the beginning of March, and STEAM will probably happen again. Last year’s AFOLcon and The LEGO Show were very tough acts to follow (at least I thought they were), and if there was any issue of living up to those standards this year I could definitely understand. Also, given my current situation, it would give me more time to design and build what I plan to exhibit next.

More info as I hear about it.