POLL: Is the Price Per Part Ratio for Sets Important?

You might hear some AFOLs and people in the LEGO community talking about a LEGO set’s price per part ratio. The price per part ratio is simply

RRP of LEGO set
number of parts in set

Here in the SilentMode.tv dungeons – and we say as much on our dedicated guide page – we disregard the price per part ratio when buying LEGO sets or writing reviews. Our reasoning is that the price of the set isn’t just about the parts, but includes other visible elements such as the instructions, the box design and packaging, and invisible elements such as the work that went into designing and manufacturing the set.

However, places such as Brickset calculate the price per part ratio automatically for each set (shown as price per piece), and some other reviewers score sets on their price to part ratio, so it must be important to at least one AFOL. I guess that most people will discard the box, packaging and instructions as soon as they get the set, so the only thing they’re concerned about it how many pieces they’ve obtained for their investment (particularly for resellers).

I have my reasons, and they have theirs, but let’s open a discussion. What do you make of the price per part ratio? Is it important or useless? Let me know what you think.

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