I’m Bringing “Grab Bags” Back

LEGO dropped a major bombshell last year, when they announced they were no longer selling “grab bags” in their stores. For those who don’t know: some of the LEGO-branded stores used to sell bags of random LEGO parts, similar to Pick-A-Brick but with no choice as to what goes inside.

I in particular was a grab bag fiend: it was my only real reason for frequenting a brand store. (Well, that and maybe other reasons… 😉 )

Well, I came up with the idea of selling my own “grab bags” in my BrickLink store just last week, and only now have I gotten around to finally doing it. I’m looking to reduce my LEGO collection this year, and probably the fastest way of doing it is to sell the unwanted parts as my own grab bags.

Just one of the 21 initial "grab bags" I've made up.

Just one of the 21 initial “grab bags” I’ve made up.

I’m trialling the idea in Most Plated (my BrickLink store) with 21 bags, all randomly filled with parts from the unwanted bin. They are priced by weight, and they will be in the store for at least a couple of weeks. If all goes well I will continue with the rest of my unsorted collection; if not then they’re going on feeBay.

Feel free to take a look, and help yourself.