Current Progress on Project Swapfig

News of there being no The LEGO Show this year has given me more time to work on Project Swapfig: my version of a minifigure trading website. Progress had to be put on hold while I updated this web site, but I am back on the case.

In my infinite wisdom I decided to restart the project, instead building it using Backbone.js. It was a very risky move as I knew nothing about Backbone.js before I started; in fact I had no idea what it was actually used for, or why I’d want to use it. However, going this route will hopefully result in a quicker, more smooth website experience. I’m doing everything on my own as usual, and in the meantime I’m having to balance development with many other things.

Since I’ve been learning how to use Backbone.js from scratch, most of the work done on Project Swapfig concerns logging in and registration (new territory for me in terms of coding). I’m still not done with those aspects, but once I am the rest of the site should progress much more quickly.

I’m hoping to get the first working beta ready before May, when S10 of the Collectible Minifigures will be rearing its head. Any suggestions about where the site should head are welcome.