just2good’s Commentary on Upcoming Sets

just2good is a Eurobricks resident and a video reviewer of LEGO on YouTube; go check out his reviews and other commentary by visiting his YouTube channel.

He put out a video just a while ago with his thoughts on some of the upcoming LEGO sets, mostly the Legends of Chima line:

There’s obviously a big push for Chima as it’s this year’s hot new theme. I am particularly intrigued by the introduction of gorilla animals (and I see there’s a white gorilla), but I would have to see them up close before making a decision on whether to get them. From the looks of things they’re completely different to the S3 Gorilla Suit Guy, as we’d expect. There are also some other animals, including foxes and skunks.

I’ve just become a heck of a lot more excited about Friends sets: I had no idea there was going to be a huge cruise ship, and the school set is looking good as well – unfortunately it looks like there are still no guy minidolls. There will also be more collectible animals to get hold of, and the minidoll roster has greatly increased.
I will probably get hold of all the sets, but as usual expect the minidolls and new parts to fetch high prices on the black market.

I wish I had more news, but I have been very busy with the development of Project Swapfig and other things.