Short Overview of Watford LEGO Store’s Grand Opening

Just taking some time out to let people know about last week’s grand opening event at the LEGO store inside the Harlequin in Watford. Unlike other grand openings in the UK, this one took place on Thursday to Saturday instead of Friday to Sunday. Just as well, I thought: it was hard enough getting there via train or bus from where I’m at.

I was hoping to be there on all three days, but as I’ve been recovering from a cold/flu for most of last week I gave Thursday a miss. Thursday had the t-shirt giveaway with a minimum spend, which is something I’m not really into (they couldn’t possibly have a t-shirt my size!)

I did manage to go on Saturday, and thankfully I had the sense to get to the Harlequin relatively early – because the queue outside the store was longer than I’d expected! Things were certainly crazy on the Saturday, and it figures because the giveaway was the LEGO Brand Retail Store set (#3300003). While this is a very good set and a very good model, it’s evident that most of the people there on the day were basically scalpers. Fortunately there were some actual AFOLs there too, many of whom are also on Brickset.

The highlight of these grand openings, for me personally, is always the last day’s giveaway. Since Stratford’s grand opening the last day’s giveaway has always been a set of minifigures, and unfortunately they’ve never been anything spectacular: many of the figures in these sets could easily be made up from Build-A-Mini stations in the stores. Nevertheless, I still make sure I get at least one for myself.

So without further ado, here is Watford’s offering:

I guess the clue was in the promos for Watford’s grand opening, but I have to say I’m disappointed. LEGO really doesn’t seem to like us Brits, at least when it comes to the minifigures; if you compare these to the figures (with unique parts!) they get in the States, you’ll understand my frustration. I’m hoping, somewhat in vain, that the giveaways for the two newest stores (Glasgow and Leeds) will be better.

It was a tough choice deciding what to buy to get the freebies, but I ended up getting the last two Friends sets in the third wave (Rehearsal Stage and the biggest one) and a few smaller sets to make up the totals. I may review them eventually, but I have been rather busy with Project Swapfig and a few other things.

Glasgow will be way too far for me to travel to, but I am hoping to make Leeds’ grand opening, whenever it is, which will be interesting as I’ve never been there before. I really get a buzz out of these things.