Series 10 Figures Spotted..?

Posted on Brickset about half an hour ago was this convincing-looking picture of what could be the S10 Collectible Minifigures… sourced from Argos, of all places.

Generally I really dislike leaked and spoiler images being circulated, but I have to say that this looks like one impressive line-up – if it’s an official picture.

There are quite a few of these figures I would class as being early favourites, including the bumblebee female, the hipster with the chihuahua and iClone or iFad or whatever it is, the base jumper, the sailor, the librarian and the painter. But as always, I will reserve absolute judgement until I have the figures in my hands.

We also have confirmation of this elusive gold minifigure, which looks like something out of Monopoly! I’d be willing to put money on the guy who does the Eurobricks reviews “just happening to stumble across” one of them, just like they happened to get one of those gold BrickArms weapons in the Vol.1 Mystery Bags… but whomever gets one first is more than likely to gloat endlessly about it anyway.
My only concerns right now are the ridiculous prices that figure is likely to fetch, as well as whether it will be Metallic Gold, Chrome Gold or the less impressive Pearl Gold. Note that the hands are still white!

In any case, Series 10 is rumoured to be out in May, so get ready for more mayhem.