Mini Shop Series now over 8000!

The support for Pekko’s Mini Shop Series over on LEGO CUUSOO has been insane since appearing on these hallowed pages. 🙂 Not so long ago – just under a year – it was approaching 1000 supporters, but three days ago support has jumped to 8192.

Everything seems to suggest that LEGO themselves would go for this idea if (and when) it reaches 10000 supporters, but the big question will be what competition it will be up against, and whether they will affect its chances.

Just remember that only one of these models will be produced if it passes the review. Of the above four, I’m personally riding with the Starbucks model – although Dunkin’ Donuts (on the project page) looks good too.

Once again show your support for Pekko and the City theme by supporting his project. In fact, show your support for any projects you like on LEGO CUUSOO, not only by clicking on the support button but by spreading the word too.