Pigs vs. Cows Kickstarter project

“The ultimate in custom and unique Brick accessories! Fully realized Pig and Cow characters to add life to your greatest MOCs!”

We’ve heard of many legendary matchups: Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Alien vs. Predator, Robocop vs. The Terminator, Plants vs. Zombies etc. – and now Pigs vs. Cows!
That combination probably came from the same place as Graduates and Gorillas, but I like it. It also happens to be the official theme of BrickCon 2013, held later this year in Seattle.

Guy Himber – an award-winning LEGO builder – has taken this theme to the extreme, by designing and creating minifigure heads for both pigs and cows. You’ll see on the Kickstarter page that there’s already examples of the pig and cow heads on minifigure bodies, as well as the design process involved in creating them.
As things stand, there are four head designs: two for the pigs and two for the cows, as regular and “battle-damaged” varieties. A genius move is that there areĀ two sets of heads for each design: one regular-sized and one that can fit inside space helmets.


As well as being able to get yourself a basic set of heads (each pig and cow design in the two sizes, and a cat warrior head, for a grand total of nine heads), you can also get your hands on early prototypes, and a completely awesome, exclusively designed BrickArms crate, which really sets this project apart. I haven’t gotten hold of one yet, but BrickArms crates (released not so long ago) are hot. Let’s not forget about the potential stretch goals of zombie heads, for the many apocalypse/horror fans.

One thing’s for sure: this project ain’t playing around. Pigs vs. Cows is very close to reaching its target, so help push it over the edge by showing it your support.