COMPETITION: P[r]imp My Logo!

The Project Swapfig Kickstarter project is in its last 48 hours. I’m hoping I’ll get enough support to reach a respectable 60%, but in any case if you haven’t done so please show your support. Some people who’ve actually played around with the demo have given mostly good feedback, but what counts is their reaction to the released product.

Anyway, this post is about my first ever sanctioned competition: up for grabs is one of a very limited number of Black Swapfigures (pictured below) to be produced.

Render of a Black Swapfigure, as none have been made yet.

So how can you win one of these very limited Swapfigures? Well exactly as the title of this post suggests, you can win one by “primping” the Project Swapfig logo.

Visit the Flickr page that the logo pictured above links to, where you can download the full-size image as well as a vector version. The idea is that you can do whatever you want to the logo, being as creative as you like – along the same lines as the variations of the Google logo for specific events. Once you’re done, send me a link to the picture you’ve created.
The “best” design, as chosen by me, will win the Black Swapfigure when the very limited set is produced. Be warned that, unlike with some other competitions, the winner will not necessarily be the one that uses the most effects, or is the most aesthetically pleasing. My decision on who the winner is will be final.

You have until May 3rd to answer the challenge, and you can see the entries to this little competition by visiting the dedicated gallery page.