Project Swapfig is LIVE!

At long last I’m able to get back on this site to let people know: that Project Swapfig – the infamous minifigure trading site you might have heard of – has been officially launched and is now up and running.

I’d imagined the moment for the last couple of months, and I really wish I could say it was a smooth process and a momentous occasion… but owing to web hosting issues and some schoolboy coding errors, I found myself spending near to three days at the computer trying to fix things – all the while getting piled on.
But just this afternoon it looked like the last of the major issues plaguing the site have been resolved, and now people can go about trading their minifigures. A big shout out to the two or three more helpful issue reporters during the process.

Naturally I’m on the site, under the username Drew, so go and have a look at what I have to trade… and if you’re after anything send me a trade offer. I’ve gotten myself just over two boxes’ worth of S10 minifigures, but sadly no Mr Gold for me.

The next few days are going to be spent making sure any loose ends are tied up, but I will also be looking to get back to earning money. Let me clarify for those who didn’t want to support the Kickstarter project: I was not getting paid nearly the entire time I developed Project Swapfig.