A Quick Update from the Studio

Hello boys and girls.

I haven’t had time to do anything other than work on Project Swapfig recently. You might have heard there were numerous teething problems with the launch, and even now I’ve discovered some things that don’t work how they should, but I’m still on it. All the while, life goes on – I really wish I had at least two other people on staff.

There were just a few things I wanted to put out, mainly to let people know that SilentMode.tv isn’t dead:

  • In just under two weeks Project Swapfig has attracted almost 200 members; over twice the number of people who supported the Kickstarter project.
  • I’m also working on a complete redesign of SilentMode.tv, as the current design feels very flaky (even though it’s responsive). The new version will have a couple more sections, including a library of the few MOCs I was able to design and build.
  • Because of the increased workload, I won’t be able to get to the LEGO store grand opening in Leeds this weekend – but hopefully someone will be kind enough to grab me their minifigure set on Sunday.
  • I may or may not review the Friends Series 2 Collectible Animal sets that came out a couple of weeks ago; I’ve not bought them yet but I’ve seen a few pictures and reviews online, and from the outset they look like a step down from the first series.

Thanks very much for the continued viewership!