BrickTrader Goes Live!

Another fan-built LEGO site was launched last weekend: this time it’s an unofficial auction site, in a similar vein to feeBay (or more closely eBid). It’s called by BrickTrader, run by Brickset user TyoSolo (he’s legit), and you can find it over on


The purpose of BrickTrader is to provide an auction-like environment for people specifically interested in LEGO, whether for old/new sets, minifigures, parts and anything else. While it’s easy enough to quickly sell items on feeBay especially, there are severe limitations: the greatest of which, in my opinion, is the outrageous fee structure, which often means that items I sell go for a fair bit less than I’d like. Other issues include having to explain the terminologies to nonFOLs.

From what I hear BrickTrader’s launch went much more smoothly than that of a certain other site. It’s very impressive that it’s been built on top of WordPress, and though there have been some issues with the UI when it came to listing items, the site took the right approach by starting with the basics, instead of making things bouncy and shiny and animated.
Unfortunately, and as expected, there have been the usual haters coming out of the woodwork. It gets on my nerves when people nitpick about something they had no hand in creating.

Anyhow, please go check out BrickTrader and the auctions listed on there. I’ve put three boxes of unwanted parts from my collection on there, and hopefully someone will buy them or make an offer.
If you post your own listing, and you set it to end on or before the 7th of June, you’ll only be charged a penny.