SilentMode’s Upcoming CUUSOO Predictions

I’ve pretty much given up on LEGO CUUSOO, in the sense that it’s become yet another popularity contest (and I always suck at those). However, that doesn’t stop me from having an opinion on the upcoming reviews, which have been conveniently grouped below. Another shout out to Brick Fanatics who posted about this (and news about more possible AFOL parts packs – or if you prefer, Minecr..aft sets) just this morning.


So without further ado, my predictions are as follows…

Fall (Autumn) 2012

SilentMode’s prediction: Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

The fan favourite out of these three is clearly Thinking with Portals, given the popularity of the computer game. I’ve played the demo a few times and I quite like it, and I think out of all the candidates this set would introduce the most attractive pieces (parts in different colours, or numerous lucrative parts). The only thing hampering its chances is whether or not new moulds would be necessary. Despite LEGO themselves saying that new moulds were out of the question, people still insist on including them in their CUUSOO projects.

I was never a fan of the UCS Sandcrawler project, only because it was a textbook example of fanboy hypocrisy: that less than 2000 pieces was allegedly “too much” for my modular building, but 3000+ is perfectly fine for someone else. Fanboy hypocrisy aside, it’s definitely possible that LEGO will release a UCS Sandcrawler: the only question is will it be a CUUSOO model or part of the Star Wars theme?

Then there’s the Curiosity Rover, which was virtually an overnight sensation due to the coverage at the time. Some may say the concept has had its day, but this is my prediction for the set LEGO will go with. Consider that their own Space themes have taken a back seat up until this year, and that there hasn’t really been a vehicle model like this for quite some time (outside of Technic). Then there were various experiments done in space with LEGO, not forgetting that awesome International Space Station model.

Winter 2012

SilentMode’s prediction: Purdue Pete


Don’t get me wrong, I like the Space Troopers (née Marines) idea, and I admire the dedication from the project owners that went into it… but brushing aside the fanboyism that flooded my CUUSOO feed, I really have no idea what was being proposed. I didn’t see a specific model being put forward, just some nice computer renders and all kinds of designs for troopers and aliens. Maybe I’ve missed something, I don’t know. If it does get chosen, there will have to be some serious revision of the overall design due to the “no new moulds” policy.
I hope eventually it takes off as an official theme, because it would work way better as a line of sets than as an individual one. For the last frickin’ time – and I wish people would get this into their heads – CUUSOO is about individual sets.

As for Purdue Pete: I’m not here to cheer that particular set on, but don’t think for a second that LEGO won’t go for it. Look past the initial design of the model and clue yourself on the figure’s back story, and you’ll see why I think it stands a very good chance of being produced. Above all else, even if it was very highly orchestrated, its success in reaching 10,000 supporters was a great example of people joining forces for a common goal.

Spring 2013

SilentMode’s prediciton: Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google

First of all I have to count Zelda out, solely because – yet again – there will inevitably be new moulds to contend with. It would be great to see a Legend of Zelda theme standing in for Castle at some point in the future.

The Land Rover Defender 110 is another fan favourite, however I’m not sure how many people would be up for buying a Technic set. There’s no doubt that Technic is popular, but potential sales is obviously a key factor in deciding what gets produced. You could argue that the Technic fans would buy multiples, or that they’d be sold at a high price, but let’s not forget the restrictions on buying exclusive sets through LEGO stores and S@H.

That left a very tough decision between my man Peter Reid’s Exo Suit, and the Android figure. I would actually prefer the Exo Suit to be chosen above the Android, not least because it would be a victory for the UK 🙂 and it also houses a minifigure, which adds to its appeal whether used as a display piece or played with.
However, the wider appeal of the Google Android – with the surge in popularity of all things open-source and Google – will most likely win, which unfortunately will attract a lot of LEGO poseurs. The Android figure in the project is well-built, and I wouldn’t mind owning one, so there’s no hate.

Summer 2013

SilentMode’s prediction: Mini Shop Series

Anyone who has paid attention to will know that I’ve been a supporter of Mini Shop Series WAY before it became trendy, back when it had only 413 supporters. As a Town/City fan I was pleased to see it reach the goal, even if it meant that my own projects were still being ignored.
The real reason I think this project has an advantage over the others is the price: whichever shop gets chosen will literally fly off the shelves, and will make the sales of the first AFOL Parts Pack look like Get Him To The Greek. I’ll personally be responsible for a large handful of those sales, just as long as it’s not the Apple store.

If it weren’t for the fact that LEGO would be choosing the shop themselves, assuming the Mini Shop Series gets chosen, my pick would have been the Batmobile Tumbler Minifig Scale – a model that many a Batman fan has been crying out for and attempting to build since the first reboot film. I don’t think anybody would have a big issue with the cost of this set, but the only thing standing in its way is that not everybody is a Batman fan. (Then again, there are an awful lot of scalpers and resellers around.)

I can’t comment on the League of Legends of LEGO project, as I’m completely unfamiliar with it and didn’t even know about it until it reached the goal.

I would conclude this post by saying “so those are my predictions”, but who else’s predictions would they be? Anyway, let me know what you think by leaving your comments.