One More Time: Project Swapfig “elevator pitch” on Jump Start City

It’s very hard to believe that just over a month ago I was scrambling to recover from a shoddy, perhaps even non-existent site launch. But even though the Kickstarter project was unsuccessful for various reasons, Project Swapfig is up and running – and so far it’s been going very well, with improvements and fixes being made along the way.

Well I’ve decided – after a lot of thought and reservation – to give crowdfunding one more shot. This time I’m taking the plunge with a new crowdfunding site called Jump Start City, who contacted me during the last project.

Untitled20130605101225The important thing is that before any money can be raised through Jump Start City, proposals for crowdfunding projects have to go through what’s called an “elevator pitch stage”, where they have to convince other users that the project is good enough to be run, through a one-minute “elevator pitch” video. A project has to obtain 500 or more “pitch points” to begin, and pitch points are awarded for every user that says YES.

As you can see from the screenshot, the proposal for Project Swapfig has done well to get 111 pitch points so far, but it’s been up for a week and is low on the list.

You can help me out by visiting the elevator pitch on Jump Start City and saying YES to give it more pitch points. There are some other excellent projects on the site, including a lockable fridge box and a foldable scooter: if you vote on some of the other projects before saying YES for Project Swapfig, you can give us two pitch points instead of one.

Voting only requires registering on the site and is absolutely free, but if you don’t want to register then you can do me a massive favour by posting about the elevator pitch on your weblogs, your social networking sites and in forums, as well as by telling other people about it who may be able to help. This also won’t cost you anything other than one or two minutes.

As for the crowdfunding project itself… There’s no point in going into the specifics unless the elevator pitch succeeds, but I can tell you the following:

  • The main aim of this crowdfunding project is to raise enough money to hire (and pay) a good web designer, as well as produce the rewards to be offered.
  • The initial target amount will be much lower than the previous attempt, but there are three “stretch goals” planned: reaching the last one will mean beating our previous total.
  • There will be special rewards available for people who really put work in to promote the project, if it succeeds.
  • There are no excuses.

If you’re interested in providing any custom minifigure-related items as rewards, or know someone who does/can, please get in touch. I want to make this work with as many people as possible, and I want a win-win-win situation for everybody.

That’s all that has to be said for now: if you haven’t already please go and support the Project Swapfig elevator pitch on Jump Start City. If you don’t want to vote, please post about it (and include the link) on weblogs, forums, social media, maybe even on Reddit. Do something.