BREAKING NEWS: BrickLink Has Been Sold…

… When I saw the retweet over on Twitter, I had to check whether or not it was April 1st again. But apparently the announcement on BrickLink itself confirms it’s true; it’s now a subsidiary of what I assume is a large Korean company (NXMH).

There’s been a somewhat mixed reaction over in the BrickLink forums, as far as I can tell from skimming over the replies to the announcement. Some people are clearly happy with the sale, with one person pledging their allegiance to the “Korean gaming overlords” (as someone always does), particularly in light of the hacking issues that have plagued the site. Other people aren’t so happy, with at least one person concerned about BrickLink’s “move” out of the States.

I personally have become disillusioned with BrickLink, more over the anti-competitiveness and the general attitudes found in the forum than anything else, and I’ve found myself spending less time on the site, with the exception of looking information up. However, I don’t really have an opinion about the sale, particularly as I’ve just heard the news.

On the one hand, the change in owners is potentially a great move in updating the site (perhaps even rewriting it from scratch), which is what many of us have been crying out for. It will also be interesting to find out whether the site will gain a larger Asian audience as a result of being owned by a Korean company. I’m also skeptical about the new owner’s claim of being an AFOL, but having one at the helm will hopefully give BrickLink more character, and make it just as much about LEGO as selling. On the other hand, new owners don’t necessarily mean a change for the better – look what happened to Gumtree, Skype and PayPal.

What do you guys think? Great news or grave news? Let me know.