Done With CUUSOO

It was with a slightly heavy heart that I decided to completely remove my LEGO CUUSOO projects, as well as my LEGO CUUSOO account, fuelled by the near instant success of the Female Minifigure Series project – but mostly because it took almost two years to reach just 100 supporters on my oldest project.

Why did I do it? Why didn’t I stick it out?

cuusoo screenshotBecause I got sick and tired of the fact that LEGO CUUSOO – like most other things – became less about great ideas being realised, and more about being one big popularity contest (that I’d never win). The site itself has a big part to play in this, as (like most sites) it tends to showcase only the most popular projects anyway.

I got tired of seeing people sign up in their thousands to vote for the flavour of the week, but act as if the whole process takes too long to vote for some other project. I suspect many of them treated it as a competition where they could (or chose to) only support one project.

I got sick of people insinuating that the successes were all about putting energy into promoting their own projects and having “great presentation”, when I’d done as much as I could and was still being ignored – which proved it’s as much about the person behind the project. (I guarantee that if someone else had made a Flash game to support their CUUSOO project, they would have hit 10,000 supporters that week, instead of the Flash game being nitpicked.)

I also got tired of the lies and excuses surrounding my own projects, as well as those made about really good ones from other people. You know: the “change this/add that and you’ll get more supporters” kind of lies, and the “I’m not supporting because there’s too many parts” kind of excuses. I think it was Glenbricker who referred to “support apathy” over on Reddit; I call it lies and excuses, because there have been many examples of where presentation, self-promotion and even having a model at all to show weren’t issues at all.

I guess I’m making the assumption that all three of my projects were great ideas, which I obviously thought they were. Graduates and Gorillas was the one I put the most energy into by far, but I had the highest hopes for the Studio One project (the recording studio) – which ironically was the best example of other people “acting dumb” I came across.

I didn’t want to write this post, and I especially didn’t want to sound bitter, because of the great news I’d had earlier today… but I’ve had enough, and I had to keep it real.

I haven’t completely given up on my ideas…

  • I’m looking into turning the Graduates and Gorillas idea into either a short comic book or a novel, without any LEGO reference, in the near future. If LEGO wants to collaborate on the idea in some fashion, I’m all ears.
  • The Studio One project has remained intact since it was built, and I’m going to keep it for myself.
  • The CATAWOL Records modular building may or may not have the redesign completed, but if it does I will also look at redeveloping another of my buildings to go with it.

Thanks for listening, and a big thank you to those who did support my CUUSOO projects.