Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover: the next LEGO CUUSOO release

I happened to wake up particularly early this morning and visited YouTube… noticing that the results for LEGO CUUSOO’s Fall Review were announced. It turns out that I’m one for one with my predictions: the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (or Mars Exploration Rover, whichever you prefer) has been chosen as the next CUUSOO set.

To recap: the Rover was pretty much a no-brainer, given LEGO’s relation with space and the absence of a large vehicular build with regular bricks. I have no idea if people are still going crazy over it, but it’s obvious there was at least some significant interest. I probably wouldn’t buy one as it’s outside of my interests.

As you’ll see near the end of the video, Thinking with Portals hasn’t been entirely ruled out, so we may yet see a Portal-related set. If they do release one I will probably pick a couple up.

Right now I’m just thrilled that one of my predictions was correct, but let’s see if I go four for four.