CamelBoy68’s Tour of PAB Walls

One of our own AFOLs, Steve Short (aka CamelBoy68), somehow had the idea of visiting every current LEGO store in the UK, specifically for sampling what was on their PAB walls. The journey across 12 stores throughout the UK took place just this week, and he was sure to take pictures of the cups he’d obtained – as well as my request for the exteriors of each store – as he visited each one.


I thought this was a great idea, having visited quite a few of the stores but missing out on some grand openings. For obvious reasons I haven’t been to the Glasgow store (with dear Robyn), but for varying reasons I haven’t been able to go to the ones in Sheffield, Leeds or Cardiff. I almost envy Steve’s ability to take a week out to make the journey, as well as being able to afford all those train tickets!

You can read about his progress on his weblog, and see the pictures he took in his Flickr photostream.