Justice for BrickQueen

Just came across a post on The Brick Fan about some truly disgusting behaviour over on LEGO CUUSOO, and even though I’ve been done with the site for some time now I wanted to air my two cents.

From what I understand of the situation, some other member of the site has gotten the account of the above person – who goes by the name BrickQueen – completely deleted, which included a handful of Jurassic Park projects that were doing very well.
This person got her account deleted by copying and then flagging her successful projects, and on top of that encouraging their fans to do the same. And if that wasn’t enough, these fans continued their onslaught by sending BrickQueen all manner of hateful messages.

I could never have envisaged anything like this happening over anything related to LEGO, but this – on top of many other things – is one reason I decided no longer to have anything to do with LEGO CUUSOO. When things like this start to happen, it’s obvious these people have turned it into a popularity contest – which then makes the idea of gaining royalties if one’s idea is produced that much worse.

The messages were bad enough. I don’t know BrickQueen, I have no idea who she is and I have no connection with her, but I certainly don’t agree she has no place in the community for whatever reason, especially since she actually designs and builds models. Being female – contrary to some belief – has nothing to do with it either.

What really pisses me off about this incident was the fact that someone else was stealing her ideas and her builds, then claiming she was the thief. It pisses me off that other people were willing to go along with it. These people make me sick: they’re not fans of LEGO, they’re only posing as fans to get attention.

And yet, from the sounds of things, nothing seems to have been done about the user in question or the other people involved. It’s not quite an Ask.fm situation, but to me it says quite a bit about the people running the site that they haven’t appeared to be investigating.

I’ve made this post to do my bit in raising awareness of this incident, and hopefully to gain some justice for BrickQueen (whom again I have no affiliation with). If you’re still a CUUSOO hopeful, bear in mind this may happen to you and your projects one day – so you should be concerned.

That’s all.