Preview the Project Swapfig crowdfunding project (round 2)

Hello folks.

This is the first of two posts about an upcoming crowdfunding project – in face, the second attempt at crowdfunding – for our sister site, Project Swapfig. After months of deliberating and building up the courage, I went ahead and got the ball rolling, not really knowing whether or not I’ll succeed.

A big shout out to Ben and Tarkan from for their help with the project so far; they’ve helped to shape my approach to the project, as well as provided ideas for rewards and things. After a lot of indecision I did indeed go with, after the disappointment with Kickstarter and being generally unsure about the other options.

What you’ll see below is a draft of the project as it stands, and I’m looking to launch the project on October 1st. Take a look at the details, and if you have any comments or suggestions (provided you’ll support the project!), holler at me.