Which Prints?

This is the second of  two posts on our upcoming [second] crowdfunding project for Project Swapfig, which is planned to be launched on October 1st (if I don’t bottle it): this one is about the print reward that just about everybody will receive if they make a pledge.

If you haven’t read the information – which I suggest you go and do – many of the project’s rewards will include a signed postcard-sized print. The question is, what would you folks want a print of?

I’ve shortlisted a few photos from my hard drive as suggestions, and I wanted to find out which ones you guys would like to see. I will probably end up offering a choice of designs, but for now let me know which designs you like the most. (Bear in mind that some of these pictures will be retaken and/or touched up before being printed.)

To make things easier I’ve set up a poll – either use that to vote, or hit me up with a comment about which pictures you like the most. Of course, if you have any other suggestions, let me know about those too.


[poll id=”9″]