Project Swapfig’s Second Crowdfunding Attempt

I’m writing this post with a heavy heart, as I remember what it was like the last time I heavily promoted a crowdfunding project for Project Swapfig. In fact, I’ve been incredibly nervous about doing it again, mainly because I felt embarrassed after the whole thing… but it is what it is.

Ladies and gentlemen: after a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided to take another shot at crowdfunding. It’s been several months in planning, but the campaign launched just over an hour ago over at Zequs (formerly

zequs snapshot

Everything to know about this attempt should be on the page itself, but the most important thing is that there’s a reduced target of £1500 (compared to £3000 last time) and a much longer duration.

You’ll notice I’ve put my own money in the game, so I’m definitely not sitting back and scrounging like a you-know-what! But if I’m completely honest, I have absolutely no idea how things will turn out. I will be taking things far easier however, especially since I still have things to do in preparation for STEAM.

Speaking of which: make sure you get yourself tickets for STEAM this weekend, as not only will I (and two or three other people 🙂 ) be exhibiting, but I’ll also be giving a talk on Project Swapfig! Right now I’m wondering what I’ve let myself in for, but for me it’s a necessary step up.

Anyway, please visit the crowdfunding campaign on Zequs, take a look at the video and description, and pledge whatever you can to make this work. Even better, make some noise and spread the word about it to anyone you know who is interested in LEGO and minifigure trading. In turn, I promise I won’t spam the Internet too much.