Mr Silver (custom) on feeBay

I came across this very cool custom “Mr Silver” figure, currently on sale as an auction on the ever-popular feeBay. It almost looks like a genuine LEGO product, as all the parts have been chromed, but you’ll notice the printing has been done using decals.

Custom Mr Silver

At the moment there’s a lot of interest in this figure, with 28 or so bidders and the current price at USD 65 – so someone is willing to fork over some money.

If you’re at all interested in having your own custom chromed figure, I’m offering a chrome Gold Swapfigure as part of the second Project Swapfig crowdfunding project. I’m going to be collaborating with a couple of other people to produce them, should everything go according to plan, and not only will the parts be chromed but we’ll also be using pad printing (very similar to what LEGO does) for the detail.
In English, that means our Gold Swapfigure should be high quality from the outset.

(chrome) Gold Swapfigure

Provided we reach the target in just over a month’s time, you can get hold of a Gold Swapfigure by visiting the crowdfunding campaign page and:

  • choosing the GOLD SWAPFIGURE option for GBP 75;
  • choosing the [currently available] DIBS! option for GBP 50;
  • entering the raffle for GBP 5 a ticket, where you can win one as well as other prizes.

These include postage to just about anywhere in the world.

If you really are after a Mr Silver figure, you can opt instead for the feeBay auction – and I’m certain there are probably other auctions offering similar items – but I may consider introducing a “silver” or plain chrome Swapfigure if it means getting more pledges for the campaign! Let me know your thoughts.