Talks from the Great Western LEGO Show (STEAM) 2013

For the benefit of anyone who wasn’t able to make it to this year’s event at the STEAM Museum in oh-so-joyous Swindon, once again I’ve filmed all the talks that took place over the weekend… including one from me. It made things a lot more interesting, I can tell you.

All ten of these videos took an age to render and upload, so watch, rate and appreciate!

Brick City: from idea to book

ReBrick – LEGO’s new online social bookmarking hub!

British History in LEGO

Introducing Project Swapfig

The LEGO Adventure: Book of Secrets

Building Big

Making a Monster Aircraft: The B-52 Bomber

LEGO Bargain Hunting

SHIPs: Building Huge Spaceships!

The History of LEGO in 100 sets