Walkthrough of the Great Western LEGO Show (STEAM) 2013

This is probably going to be my last post on the Great Western LEGO Show for this year, but it’s about my final uploaded video of the event.

Having gotten the idea from the crowdfunded DVD by Beyond The Brick, this time I decided to do a “walkthrough”-style video of the displays, instead of putting together a slick video like the other events.

If you look at the other YouTube videos people have made about STEAM, you’ll notice they chose to feature a select few of the models – almost as if the others didn’t exist. I’ve been told that even I’ve neglected the Technic crowd a couple of times with my coverage videos. So to make up for both of those issues, I wanted to make sure that everybody’s creations – and I mean everybody – got at least some exposure.

As for the music… I had great difficulty in finding a track that lasted almost half an hour, so you’ll have to make do with improvised jazz.